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In order to control the number of free-roaming dogs via animal birth control (ABC) animal shelters in many Indian cities are collecting dogs from the city streets to neuter, vaccinate and replace.  More CNVR projects are proposed.  The amount and type of data being recorded is very variable, so potential information about the dogs and the effectiveness of the projects is being lost.   To capture and display that information with minimum effort the download provides an offline Access database for digital recording of capture/release locations and clinical data.

The database is most effective if an Android “smartphone” is used to record data during the capture/release trips.  Dogs of different types seen on transit to the capture area (male, female, lactating etc.) can be recorded by tapping buttons on the screen.  Those that are captured/collected are photographed and described using a voice recording.  The photo below right illustrates the "OSMTracker" app used.  At the shelter or mobile clinic the data is uploaded to the database.  Further information about the dogs and their treatment is added there. Each day the database prints out a list of dogs ready for surgery and sends to the phone a map of release locations for dogs ready for release.  It also displays monthly reports of the shelter's work and displays maps showing the distribution of dogs of different types and changes over time. Click maps to see a simulation of the sort of information the system provides.


To use the system an animal shelter conducting an CNVR/ABC intervention needs an Android smartphone (the model illustrated is a Samsung GT-S5360, retailing in India for about 7000 IR), a PC (preferably a small laptop/notebook/netbook) with Google Earth and Microsoft Office installed and a Gmail account. Other than OSMTracker the apps required (Maps, My Files, Camera, Gallery, Gmail) will have been pre-installed on the phone. OSMTracker for Android is available for free via the Play Store.

The file will create a folder called "GenericABC" when unzipped to a selected location (e.g. the root of the c: drive). The folder contains two Access database files, "ABCdatabase_demo.mdb" and "ABCdatabase.mdb". The first contains a sample of real data selected with permission of the "Help in Suffering" animal shelter in Jaipur, Rajasthan from their database of clinical data, with random lat/long locations assigned to each dog release record. It also contains a table of imaginary roaming dog survey records collected over the same period, again with random lat/long locations assigned. The second is an empty database that can be used to try out and use the system.

The “Preparing PC and smartphone” Word document in the GenericABC folder provides detailed notes on how to set up the phone and PC and use the system to record the clinical data and generate the release maps.  The FlashVideo download provides a video tutorial on how to use the system, including display of the recorded information.


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