ICAM Coalition


The International Companion Animal Management (ICAM) Coalition was formed to support the development and use of humane and effective companion animal population management worldwide. Through its work to achieve this mission, the Coalition realised that effectiveness, or an answer to the question “are we making a difference?”, was often a subjective assessment of how well an intervention had worked and was not commonly based on objective scientific measurement.  However there were notable exceptions to this and some excellent innovation in monitoring (regular data collection to measure important indicators) and evaluation (thoughtful assessment of what the data shows regarding targeted impacts) occurring around the world that could form a foundation for guidance.

The ICAM Coalition therefore invested in development of guidance which aims to recommend meaningful and affordable ways of assessing the impact of domestic dog population interventions.  The focus is on applying scientific solutions to real world problems and encouraging an increase in scientific research on DPM. Within this guidance, two tools developed by Conservation Research Ltd are mentioned for collecting and analysing data for impact assessment of dog interventions. These two tools are:


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