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This page contains other programs offered by Conservation Research limited. To date this includes the SCANS 2 and DUNGSURV. Please see below for information and downloads for both these applications



"SCANS II" is an application for those interested in the aerial survey component of the SCANS II cetacean surveys. From here you can download a simplified simulation program that tests the performance of the "circling" (or "RaceTrack") method used in the surveys.


Partinavia Observer (OY-CAG) and pilot Leif Petersen. Photo L. M. Rasmussen



This "dungsurv" software, which was introduced many years ago at a conference on Asian elephants in Bangalore (hosted by Dr. Raman Sukumar). It allows estimates of animal population density to be derived from surveys of "signs", such as dung, tracks or nests, without making "steady state" assumptions




To download the latest versions of the "review" and "racetrack" programs please open the "" file and click on "setup.exe". Then open the "" file and click on "setup.exe".

The "" file contains usage notes on running the review program and running the racetrack program (either to simulate data or estimate effective strip width from real data collected using the "vor.exe" program). It also contains results of running the racetrack program on data collected during the SCANS2 aerial surveys. The "" file contains the data files that were used to produce those results.

Files relating to German surveys




The zip file on this page contains the "dunsurv" program designed to estimate animal abundance. It uses results of a survey for dung density combined with observations of the decay state, on the day of the survey, of a number of dung samples known to be fresh on a series of dates preceding the date of the survey. The user is required to supply an estimate of defecation rate. Further documentation and an example file are included in the zip file.



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